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Zezelj's glorious, hardcore black and white style grabs you by the throat and crushes your wind pipe with it’s ink-chiseled-graphic-brilliance and sheer power of imagery.
Rex is a triumph of this extraordinary artist’s unique and compelling vision.  
Tim Bradstreet

"Quite simply, the work of a major creator. Zezelj combines a taut
story of revenge with visuals that tickle the eye and astonish the
senses. Rex is must reading, not only for genre fans but all fans of
great art."
Ho Che Anderson

Revenge stories are timeless, and REX is one of the better ones.  Zezelj's art, no matter how beautiful and stylized it gets, retains a strong sense of realism that's like a punch in the gut.
Hard landscapes, tough characters, and shocking violence... REX is pure pulp comics, drawn by a master of black and white art.
Brian Wood

A work that’s raw and invasively visceral. Art as muscular and cut as the main character of the story. Angry and roaring, with a chip on it’s shoulder that threatens to crush it. It’s creator, Danijel Zezelj, is one of the most unique cartoonists of his generation. It almost seems like he’s sculpting-- not drawing-- on paper. There is such a forceful physicality to his work that you can’t deny the reality of it. Or the mood-- I mean, the guy draws mood and emotion… tension…
Brian Azzarello

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