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Danijel Zezelj is a graphic novelist, animator, illustrator and graphic designer. He is author of more than twenty graphic novels and five animation movies.
His comics, books and illustrations have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Croatia, Slovenia, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and the USA.
His work has been published by DC Comics/Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Dargaud, Mosquito, Grifo Edizioni, Hazard, The New York Times Book Review, Harper’s Magazine, San Francisco Guardian, Washington Chronicle, etc.
Since 1997 he has created a series of multimedia performances merging live painting with live music. They were premiered in Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Croatia.
In 2001 in Zagreb, Croatia he has co-founded a publishing house and graphic workshop Petikat.
He lives and works in Brooklyn and Zagreb.

BIBLIOGRAPHY / Graphic Novels:

STARVE, written by Brian Wood, Image, USA, 2016
CHAPERON ROUGE, Mosquito, France, 2015, Petikat, 2016
TOMSK-7, Mosquito, France, 2014
BABYLON, Mosquito, France, 2013; Petikat, Croatia, 2013
DES DIEUX ET DES HOMMES, written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Dargaud, France, 2012
INDUSTRIAL, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2011; Petikat, Croatia, 2011
SEX & VIOLENCE, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2009; Mosquito, France, 2010
LUNA PARK, written by Kevin Baker, DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2009
KING OF NEKROPOLIS, Hazard Edizioni, Italy, 2007; Mosquito, France, 2008; Ex Abrupto, Argentina, 2009; Kvadrat, Croatia, 2016
DEDICATED TO CHAOS, Petikat, Croatia, 2007
STRAY DOGS, ISGM/Charta, USA, 2005, Edizioni Di, Italy, 2007
SMALL HANDS, Petikat, Croatia, 2004; Edizioni Di, Italy, 2005
CABALLO, Petikat, Croatia, 2004
REFLEX, Petikat, Croatia, 2003
STAZIONE TOPOLO`, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2002
BOLIVIAN DARK, Petikat, Croatia, 2002
CALL: WAGON, written by Chuck Austen, Marvel, USA, 2002
DEAD MEN RUNNING, written by Darko Macan, Marvel, USA, 2002
24 HOURS, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2002
RINZOL, Petikat, Croatia, 2001
CORINTHIAN-DEATH IN VENICE, written by Darko Macan, DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2001
EL DIABLO, written by Brian Azzarello, DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2001
AIR MEXICO, Clandestino, USA, 2000
IL SORRISO DI MAJAKOVSKIJ, Edizioni Di, Italy, 2000
REVE DE BETON, Mosquito, France, 2000
CONGO BILL, written by Scott Cunningham, DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 1999; Mosquito, France, 2000; Magic Press, Italy, 2001
INVITATION A LA DANSE, Mosquito, France, 1999
L’AMORE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1999
LA PESTE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1998, Mosquito, France, 2002
AMAZZONIA, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1998
L’ANGELO STERMINATORE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1997
PAGLIACCI - IN YOUR EYES - BLUES, Liberty, Italy, 1996
REX, Radio 101, Croatia, 1995; Edizioni Di, Italy, 2000; Mosquito, France, 2001
SOPHIA, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1994; X-press & Radio 101, Croatia, 1994
SUN CITY, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1994; Kaspar & Radio 101, Croatia, 1993
IL RITMO DEL CUORE, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1993; Mosquito, France, 2005

- RED RIDING HOOD REDUX, 10:30, (Zagreb Film, 2017)
- A WORLD OF WONDER, 05:34, (Petikat / C'mon Tigre, 2015)
- THOUSAND, 05:37, (Zagreb Film / Petikat, 2014)
Festivals: ArtvideoKOELN, May 16, 2015, Koeln, Germany; Trieste Film Festival, 26th edition, January 16 - 22, 2015, Trieste, Italy; Animateka, International Animated Film Festival, December 8 - 14, 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Thessaloniki International Film Festival, October 31 - November 9, 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece; Indie Memphis Film Festival, October 30 - November 2, Memphis, USA; Uppsala International Short Film Festival, October 20 - 26, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden; Anim’est, International Animation Film Festival, October 3 - 12, 2014, Bucharest, Romania; Raindance Film Festival, September 25 - October 5, 2014, London, UK; Holly Shorts Film Festival, August 14 - 23, 2014, Los Angeles, USA
- FIBONACCI BREAD, 07:30, (Zagreb Film / Petikat, 2012)
Festivals: Holland Animation Film Festival 2013; Brooklyn Film Festival 2013; Tabor Film Festival, 2013; Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2013; Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2013; Festival International du Film d'Aubagne (FIFA) 2014, France; DCIFF, DC Independent Film Festival 2014, USA; etc.
- A DIFFERENT BUNNY, 02:30, (Fifth Floor, 2010),
Festivals: Brooklyn International Film Festival 2010, Holland Animation Film Festival 2010, San Francisco Film Festival 2011, New Orleans Film Festival 2011, Ann Arbor Film Festival 2012, etc.

- BLACK, BLUE & WHITE, with Eddie Danielli, Pinacoteca, Bologna, Italy, October 15, 2016
- ART DEFENDER, with Eddie Danielli, Art Defender, Bologna, Italy, September 15, 2016
- LIVE ROCK XX, with Brunori + Benvengu + Lodo + Spartiti, Acquaviva, Italy, September 11, 2016
- ANIMAL TRIP, with C'mon Tigre, BDC, Chiesa Vergine della Pace, Parma, Italy, 2016
- STEREOFAUNA, with C'mon Tigre, Squadro, Bologna, Italy, 2016
- ZOO, Gallery SC, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014
- URBAN ZOOLOGY, La Rotonde, Paris, France, 2012; Erlangen Comics Festival, Germany, 2012
- CUORE, Ex-Macelli, Montepulciano, Italy, 2011; Noir Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
- BROOKLYN BABYLON, Harvey Theater, New York, USA, 2011; Holland Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013,
- ONCE, Gallery 151, New York, USA, 2009; Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA, 2010; Zap! Festival, Pisa, Italy, 2010, Piazza Grande, Perugia, Italy, 2010
- MY HOME IS YOUR HOME, Ex-Macelli, Montepulciano, Italy, 2009; ZKM Theater, Zagreb, Croatia, 2009
- OILY NIGHT, Castel Sant Elmo, Naples, Italy, 2009; On the Boards Theater, Seattle, USA, 2008
- DEDICATED TO CHAOS, Galleria D406, Modena, Italy, 2007
- THE SHOP OF WILD DREAMS, Galleria D406, Modena, Italy; ConWorks, Seattle, USA, 2006
- A HUNGER ARTIST, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA, 2004
- BOLIVIAN DARK, Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano, Italy; Mocvara, Zagreb, Croatia, 2002

EXHIBITIONS (selected)
2016, GRID, Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, September 16 - October 16
2016, STEREOFAUNA, Lo Squadro, Bologna, Italy
2015, METROMANIFESTI, Darsena, Castiglione del Lago, Italy
2015, I MAESTRI DEL DISEGNO, Museo Civico di Palazzo della Penna, Perugia, Italy
2015, PRIJE NEGO LI DOĐEM K TEBI, Galerija Karas, Zagreb, Croatia
2014, THE CITY OF THE SUN, Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014, HARMS U GRETI, Galerija Greta, Zagreb, Croatia
2014, BABILON, Galerija SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2012, DES DIEUX, Galerie 9e Art, Pariz, France
2009, OILY SF, Nine Lives Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2009, OILY NIGHT, Castel Sant’Elmo, Napoli Comic Con, Napoli, Italy
2007, CONTRABAND, Ex Chiesa della Misericordia, Perugia, Italy
2007, SHADOW BOX, Contraband Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2007, BABEL, Babel Comics Festival, Athens, Greece
2007, DEDICATED TO CHAOS, Galleria D406, Modena, Italy
2006, GRAYSCALE, Galleria d’Arte Mirada, Ravenna, Italy
2006, IL SORRISO DI MAJAKOVSKIJ, Atrium, Torino, Italy
2006, !BeCycled!, w Stanislav Habjan and Udruga Bicikl, Museum of Technology, Zagreb, Croatia
2005, STRAY DOGS, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA
2002, NERO BOLIVIANO, Villa Bottini, Lucca, Italy
2001, LABIRINTI, Corte Benedettina, Padova, Italy
2000, LA LUCE NOTTURNA, Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy